In the highly competitive food and beverage industry, every tiny advantage is important. This includes advantages in the product itself, customer service, marketing and brand recognition, and packaging. The importance of packaging in food companies. Shouldn't we just focus on the product itself. However, customers may find it difficult to distinguish products from various bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and other food service outlets. In addition, they use "shortcuts" to quickly.

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After all, they don't have time to try most of the things available, so they rely on shortcuts, such as focusing on the packaging and the display of the product itself.

Packaging is not only to protect the product, but also to prepare it for the final display. Just like those occasions where both children and adults like to open and open gifts. Before the content is revealed, tension and excitement accumulate. Once the cake or muffin is shown to children, family members, or gift recipients, they will also feel happy.

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Packaging is also to make customers' lives easier and more practical. In dine-in places, customers value speed and convenience. Customers also value the takeaway service. In addition, they may also value the practicality and responsibility of the packaging. With the increase in environmental awareness, customers may now be more aware of the ultimate destination of waste. At Hyde we are also committed to sustainable development. We source cost-effective packaging supplies from certified manufacturers who have a proven track record in producing sustainable packaging that can be safely decomposed into our environment. We also provide baking paper cups and biodegradable food trays to help reduce waste. This also helps companies increase profits and achieve faster operations. If you have any questions about packaging supplies at food service outlets, please contact immediately.